April 24-26, 2020



5:00 Registration
7:15 Welcome/Key Note Devotion
8:15 Evening Snack
9:00 Gym Activities/Board Games


8:00 Prayer Meeting
8:20 Breakfast
9:30 Ministry: Donna Chapman
11:00 Seminars
12:30 Lunch
1:45 Free Time Mission Talk with Donna Turner or Volleyball or Crafts
3:00 Seminars
4:15 Potpourri
5:30 Dinner
6:45 Sing Song
7:00 Ministry: Nadia Mikhael
8:00 “Everybody Has a Story”


8:00 Prayer Meetings
8:30 Breakfast
9:15 Singing /Meditation Ministry: Rebecca Bohner
12:00 Lunch



Christine Hogan
Phone: 416-281-4118
Email: [email protected]


Peggy Morrish
Phone: 519-824-2571
Email: [email protected]


1. Caring for the Caregiver with Rebecca Bohner

Looking after needy loved ones can be hard, and not manageable alone. Be encouraged by Scripture and practical tips for caregivers and those who support them.

2. Worry with Donna Chapman

The sin we like to excuse! The Lord Jesus gives us wise counsel for replacement behaviour, re- vealing that “the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety”.

3. Word Study on “The Heart” with Janice Dent

The heart is the seat of our thoughts and emo- tions and desires. Want to bring change to your relationship with God? START with the HEART.

4. Angels with Della Letkeman

You hear all kinds of ideas about angels today. But can we know what they are really like? God has revealed to us their roles in the past, in the present, and in the future.

5. Worship with Nadia Mikhael

True Christian worship is essential, intimate and unique. What are the key elements? Let’s exam- ine the Bible to see what we might be missing.

6. Idols with Kathie Renaud

We need to understand what idols are, how the enemy uses them, and how to lay them down for God’s glory. (We’ll learn interactively, with journaling.)


  • Inn Suites: linens/pillows/towels included …………..$230
  • Dorms: bunks, NO linens/pillows/towels…………….$185
  • Cabins: linens/pillows/towels included………………..$185
  • Saturday Only: lunch & dinner incl. (no breakfast) ..$55
  • Youth Rate (14-19): dorms, NO linens etc…………….$140

All rates are based on 2 or more people per room.

In light of it being our 40th year, for Option A,B or C deduct $40 off the price if FULL PAYMENT is received by February 26th!

Inn Suites, Dorms, Cabins, and Youth Rate require $40 deposit by April 18th. Saturday Only requires full payment by April 18th.

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