• General Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Camp Involvement

  • Please mark the area(s) you are applying for and list according to preference.
  • Christian Life

  • AS A CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT, APPLICANTS OVER 18 MUST INCLUDE A POLICE BACKGROUND CHECK. Please contact your local Police Department for the proper procedures. Any cost incurred is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Upon being hired for the applied position, I am making the following commitments:

    1. I will follow ALL camp regulations, regardless of my own personal feelings or desires, realizing that it is a service to God in the interest of the guests and fellow staff members.
    2. I will work in harmony and fellowship with fellow staff members. (Romans 12:18)
    3. I will live a consistent Christian life so that my work and actions will bring glory to God.
    4. I will not use tobacco, alcoholic beverages or non-medicinal drugs. (1Cor. 3:16,17)
    5. I will be agreeable to leave, at the request of the General Manager any time he/she feels my dismissal would be in the best interest of the Conference Centre.
    7. I understand this is a volunteer position.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY